Tamilians. Again.

It’s not a myth when we say that kids born into Tamil families are brilliant. They have the right exposure to arts and culture. They are simple, efficient and quite humble. In fact, kids born into Tamil familes are super brilliant. Here are five reasons!

They are intelligent: 
Tamilians are supposed to be an intelligent lot. It’s said that intelligence lies in their genes and passed on from generation to generation. Probably that’s why most Tamilians excel at maths, science, arts and English.

They are culturally evolved: 
Tamilains are said to be culturally evolved as they are traditionally known to be involved in music, arts and dance. Their folklore, by virtue of being the oldest in the world, is testimony to their vast and colourful culture.

They are a rather simple lot:
It may or may not be true. But traditionally, the South Indians are considered to be a simple lot who keep to themselves. Whether that makes them brilliant or not is arguable. But this is the explanation what some researchers have believed to have given. We are as clueless as you’re, but we will take it in our stride and be happy (!)

They give lot of importance to hardwork and education: 
This is true for every class and caste, but we are talking about Tamilains today so we will tell you about them (duh!). They are one of the most hardworking and educated classes in the society. Although they have a tough competition from their neighbours (Malayalees), Tamilians are doing rather well when comes to literacy.

They are more god-fearing than others: 
It’s said that they are uber religious and more god-fearing than others. Who knows if it’s true or not, but that ‘fear’ makes them do well in life. At least that’s what we have heard from many Tamilian families.

Despite the family you’re born into, it’s your hardwork and outlook that will take you places. True story, bro.


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