16 Undeniable Signs You’re A Book Nerd

Thought Catalog


  1. You looked up to Anne Shirley, the Pevensies, Jo March, Meg Murray, and Tom Sawyer more than you ever did Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, or Justin Timberlake.  And while your sister can tell you what Kim Kardashian wore during her pregnancy, you wax eloquent on the angst of Holden Caulfield.
  2. While your siblings were winning trophies in club soccer and sweating it out on the hockey rink, you could be found lying on the floor of your room with a book.
  3. You find ways to work words like “lugubrious” and “perspicuity” into everyday conversation.
  4. While your besties are contemplating engagement all around you, you’re in a serious relationship with the book you’re going to get published.
  5. If you were the carsick type or performing some activity that didn’t free your hands to hold a book (this was before the existence of Kindles), books on tape were the way to…

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