2013 Holiday Shopping: Top 10 Popular Philosophy Books

Teaching Biology

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The following books released this year cover philosophy of science and of biology. They are suitable for lay readers. Not in any order. Blurbs are taken from the official book description. Note that featuring a book here does not necessarily mean I agree with its contents. I will gladly do full book reviews if requested.

Elegance in Science: The beauty of simplicity
Glynn; $15.26 Paperback
0199578621.01.S001.LXXXXXXX Glynn draws on a wide range of examples that demonstrate the elegance of science, from Pythagoras’ theorem and Archimedes’ proof to Kepler’s Laws, the experiments that demonstrated the nature of heat, and the several extraordinary episodes that led to Watson and Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA. Scientists often share a sense of admiration and excitement on hearing of an elegant solution to a problem, an elegant theory, or an elegant experiment. For scientists, as for artists…

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