5 Fantasy Series That Deserve To Be Made Into Films

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Amazon / Artemis FowlAmazon / Artemis Fowl

You may or may not have heard about the movie The Giver coming out this August. While most moviegoers will see this film as just one more adaptation of a popular young adult novel, to me it is must more than that.

The Giver was one of the first “older” books I ever read. I got it at one my school’s yearly book sales, and it remains one of my favorite stories to this day. I won’t spoil the plot for any of you; it’s a bittersweet dystopian story about conformity, the importance of remembering the past, and it also shows how a society that devalues human life, or at least a society that enforces a rigid caste system where some people are more important than others, is horrific. If Hollywood does the movie justice, I believe the movie will sell. Though I’m doubtful, since there’s…

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