Dear Adonis,

Here is a post dedicated to you and only to you. 

You are a man. 

A man unlike any other I have ever seen or heard of. 

A man whose perfection makes my eyes water, sometimes. 

You are so special to me. 

And when I think of you, my heart feels warm. 

And so does my groin, to your credit. 

You often ask me about what I like most about you.

I can’t pick. 

There is no way I can pick. 

Your body, well… since I call you Adonis, is Adonisque (Here I use my poetic license to create new words. Shakespeare did it 🙂 ).

 So perfect. Your strong arms that hold me so close to you. 

Your wide chest against which I lie my head. 

Your muscular legs that look chiselled by Michaelangelo.

Your neck a beautiful, strong one.

And your face. That’s the face of the man I love. 

To me, it is perfect. Just like you are. 

And of course your privates. Those are appealing beyond belief. 

And your bum. I would rather not say a word ;).

That’s just the outside. The chocolate and nut coat of a Ferrero Rocher.

You are so special to me. 

Your heart is, my love, not made of tin.

Your heart is cautious. Careful. Calm. 

It waits before it jumps into love. 

It waits patiently for certainty. 

Patience is virtue, honey.

I have learnt this from you.

Your heart melts for me. I know. 

Not as much as mine does though. Mine for you 🙂 

But it does melt. 

You are not made of tin, my angel. 

Tin doesn’t make me smile every day and thank my stars. 

You are so special to me. 

You are slow. Not lazy or uninterested. Just slow. 

Cautious. Careful. Caring.

You are young, yet not flippant. 

The voice of reason between us both. 

I dream too much. Think too much. Say too much.

You bear it all and make me happy. 

Every single sunrise makes me smile.

For yet another day I spend with you. 

You are so special to me. 

You love what I do. Most people I know don’t. 

You ask questions. Lots of them.

You love my brain. Most people don’t. 

I can be silly. Childish. Possessive. 


Full to the brim with emotions. 

You kiss me and make my life seem worth it all.

You feel so proud when I succeed in my job. 

When I submit the perfect critique. 

The perfect defence. 

You are the one who is proud of me. 

Only you. 

You call me adorable. Your sweetheart. Your honey. Your angel. 

And that’s all I want to be. 

Your sweetheart. Your honey. Your angel. 

You are so special to me. 

You brought so much happiness into my life. 

You healed my heart. 

My broken heart. 

Stitched it back together. 

You made me feel like a woman. The woman. The perfect woman. 

And I want to be yours. 

Yours alone. 


I want you to hold my hand and tell your friends.

This is my girl. The cosmologist. 

She is a physicist. 

You would win every argument, no?

You are so special to me. 

I blew up on you many times in the past.

Too many times. 

And it hurts me. 

But I try. Really hard. 

I blew up thirty one times. 

I apologize a million times. 

Can you forgive me?

I know that we are miles apart. 

We greet the sun in different times. 

Bask under the moonlight in difference too. 

You are -6:00. I am +8:00. 

The difference is in communication. 

Yet we talk. 

You are so special to me. 

Your presence makes me happy. Satisfied. Complete. 

All I ask is for one thing.

Please wait for me. 

We both are trapped on the surface of an ellipsoid. 

Separated by a flight or two. 

Give me some time, my angel. 

Time flies. Not really though. But it does. 

And we will talk and learn more about each other. 

So that when we meet. 

We are in perfect harmony. 

You are so special to me. 

When I tell you that I love you…

How does it make you feel?

Do you feel loved? 



Sought after? 


You owe me no answers. 

But I have to ask you this. 

You might not read this. Or you might read it and ponder. 

Or be upset with me for committing to you. 

But I am not like that, honey. 

I love. 


And only one. 

And that is you. 

Your family might hurt you day in and day out. 

Your company might squeeze your talents. 

Your friends might not even listen to you. 


You have me. 

I will never hurt you. 

I will never ask for anything from you, except some love. 

Some time. 

A few words.

A hug, a kiss perhaps. 

I want to give you. Love. 


My body. 

Shower you with kisses. 

I will always listen to you. 

Even if you think I do not care. 

I do. 

Everything about you is precious to me. 

You are so special to me.

Every single thing you own.

Every single passion of yours. 

I did not know what a deadlift was. 

I read about it so that I could understand what you were doing. 

I want to know about you. 

To feel your hunger.

And feed you. 

Be for you. 


I promise. 

On my telescope. 

I will always be with you. 

You are so special to me. 

I love you, Adonis.



Post scriptum: I remembered the following quote and wrote this for you. I hope you like it, my love. 





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