Why is thinking important?

Blurred Lines

Whoever told you to subscribe to rules, pre-determined by individuals that you have never agreed to lead you, was neither wrong nor right. The path to becoming a true thinker is multifold and complex, but it’s also one of the most ubiquitously completed tasks amongst people. Like ever. The following article hopes to examine the value of thinking – thinking that is not “critical”, as so many faux-thinkers and paid TEDx speakers champion between their champagne toasts; not necessarily “positive”, as so many derailed life coaches preach whilst stuffing stale bank notes into their pregnant pockets; not “realistic”, as the fools of Time and Empiricism so embrace.

Honestly, high-sounding preaching (cough – see above) obviously doesn’t go down very well in this modern age. And it really shouldn’t. So why do we think? To be honest, there’s no absolute answer to that, but we sure have some ideas!

We think…

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