TTT: Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon

The Book Wars

Time for another Top Ten (or Twenty), originally started by The Broke and the Bookish. Again, I am not sure which “you”, and whether I am writing a recommendation list for fellow readers/bloggers or a to-read list for myself. This time I will be talking about stuff I enjoyed and would recommend for others. If my esteemed colleagues do something different, I am sure they will make the disclaimer. ^_^

Top Ten Tuesday


I don’t know if I swoon while reading, but I do swoon when a nice voice reads a nice story for me. So I ended up making a list of audiobooks that are swoon-worthy …

  1. The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner: So, the story is by Sally Gardner (who is pure magic) and it is read by Tom Hiddleston (also magic). Enough said?
  2. Neverwhere (The Radio Play) by Neil Gaiman: This one, as mentioned is a…

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