The Philosophy of Star Wars

The Critical Thinker(tm)

Star Wars is one of the most well known movie series of all time. As far as 1977, the first of its series introduced itself

Although the film entertains us with a beautiful story with cutting edge special effects, one can’t help but wonder if the film is philosophical as well. Did George Lucas actually have other intentions than to entertain the public?

In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, one of the lines even seemed to be anti-Bush

One of the most surprising elements of this film is Lucas’ political statement. “Any one that’s not with me, is my enemy,” Anakin says at one point, paraphrasing the famous line from a George W. Bush speech. “Only a Sith believes only in absolutes,” Obi-wan replies. “So this is how liberty dies,” Padmé points out in another scene as Senator Palpatine is laying out his new political…

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