ImageWe have been objectified.

We are ‘things’ of desire. 

We have been torn apart by society.

We do more. 

We earn less.

Even biology has been unfair to us. 

We suffer pain.

Pain of menstruation.

Every single month. 

Shaving (For females, leg hair is just gross. We can’t have moustaches or sideburns. Or pubic hair. Hirsuitism versus men).

Loss of virginity (which is obvious for us, unlike men, who can just lie their way through it. Need to figure out a way to check this).

Sex. Every single time. You just get used to it. Eventually. 



Repeat (optional).

Take care of progeny (not exactly optional).

Estrogen and progesterone fluctuations. Mood swings. Riding the hormone-fuelled dragon. 


Arthritis (optional).

Hair loss (A bald man is sexy. A bald woman is careless).

Belly fat (which is, again, fine for men. Can blame the beer. As for women, somehow an ageing body isn’t excuse enough).

Happy Women’s Day! 




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