Readers’ wildlife photos: Diana gets a new camera

Why Evolution Is True

Regular Diana MacPherson recently announced that she’d bought herself a new camera outfit for her birthday, carefully omitting the crucial information about her self-present.  Then she sent the following photos with birds’ IDs:

Today my new camera arrived & I was able to take some nice shots of the hungry birds at my feeder. The first is a male downy woodpecker: Picoides pubescens (you can see he is a male by the red feathers on his head). Next is a female downy woodpecker (lacking the red feathers) & the last picture is a junco – a Dark-eyed Junco: Junco hyemalis.

Male Downy Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Note the omission (again!) of the crucial camera information. When I wrote her saying “No info on the equipment; no pictures”, I got back the following:

LOL! I’m using a Canon 5D MKIII with a 300 mm f/4 Canon prime lens & a 1.4x telextender to give me 480…

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