Of Snowstorms and Sugarcane

Eleventh Stack

While Dan was soaking up the California sunshine, I’ve been worrying about the weather. I worried that, despite the city’s best efforts, we would run out of salt and the roads would be an icy-hot mess. I worried about all of you lovely blog readers, traveling to work, school, and everywhere else you needed to be. I got a little ahead of myself and worried that the March heating bill would be just as ridiculous as the February one was, and I worried that poor Suzy might start crying again. So of course I dealt with my anxieties by escaping into fictional people’s problems.

In many ways it is not fair to compare the much harsher struggles characters in a novel often face to the relatively minor issues in real life (I mean, it’s winter in Pittsburgh: how long have I lived here?). However, if a novel can…

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