Buddhism and the brain

I crossed paths with an extremely interesting link:


The following caught my eye:

“The rigid human exceptionalism is cemented firmly into dogma.” 

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Exceptionalism (which for some reason is underlined in red on the text edit) is the perception that a certain ‘topic’ is exceptional. A general example follows. Humans have forever believed that we as a species are far superior to any other species on this planet. We consider ourselves as the masters of the planet for the simple reason that we have managed to build concrete structures as abodes and small chips for conversation. Technology is our power. Money is our apparent strength. Does nature, however, demand for these? Does she measure the superiority of a species based on our ability to perform research and build structures that apparently reach up to the Heavens? Does she, in any of her approaches, confirm our vantage in any way? This misperception has been drilled into our brains by our own mentality. We are the authority who governs this; we define the set of principles that need to be laid down. We have, over so many years of physical and mental evolution, established our own upper hand on this planet. As long as we are well protected in our homes, we will continue to ‘rule’ over the planet. Throw a man into a forest and let’s see which bear or lion doesn’t maul him to death.

Digression: Do lions maul?




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