A sneak peek into what might happen

I say so without much surety, for I tend to digress more often than should be permitted.

Hello. I am Swetha Sridhar, a physicist, a mathematician, a poet, a philosopher, a student, a teacher and a culmination of absolute qualities. I love too much. It’s a flaw, I agree. Artificial intelligence, linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, perception/phenomenology, Kant, Buddha, Russell, Physics, Math, Theology, Occult Sciences, languages, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, MacGuyver, Brainpickings, art history, Surrealism, Quora, Rammstein (especially Till Lindemann), poetry and free verse, literature and drama, books, WTNV…the list is endless. Knowledge is, in my eyes, attractive beyond measure. I have schizophrenia, DID, OCD, ADHD, bipolarity, depression and some rather colourful social anxiety disorders.  Which is what lead me to be who I am, my beliefs, experiences, strength and musings are all the children of these apparent ‘vices’, if I may use the word with liberality.

So here I am, in a sincere effort to, in some way, document my life and its abstractions.

And why Anakin? I was called Darth Vader back in school due to my ‘evil’ nature of sorts. Like someone once told me, ” You are the person who deserves a song when she walks into a room”. I play the Imperial March in my head whenever I enter a room.

Why multiverses? I am a cosmologist. Need I say more?

A lengthy introduction, this. Can I be blamed?

With an absolutely detached smile and a swift turn of my head,




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