Did Hawking Say “There Are No Black Holes”?

Of Particular Significance

Media absurdity has reached new levels of darkness with the announcement that Stephen Hawking has a new theory in which black holes do not exist after all.

No, he doesn’t.

[Note added: click here for my new introduction to the black hole information paradox.]

First, Hawking does not have a new theory… at least not one he’s presented. You can look at his paper here — two pages (pdf), a short commentary that he gave to experts in August 2013 and wrote up as a little document — and you can see it has no equations at all. That means it doesn’t qualify as a theory. “Theory”, in physics, means: a set of equations that can be used to make predictions for physical processes in a real or imaginary world. When we talk about Einstein’s theory of relativity, we’re talking about equations. Compare just the look and…

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Yes. I am confused. It is an internal debate of sorts: promises versus the Present. The dilemma is scarring. No, I am not spoilt for choice as either situation is unattainable in the near future. The two available scenarios are both appealing and frightening at the same time. To tread on which one I know not. Either I wait for a renaissance of the past or the fruition of the tempting, ideal present.

The Past offered, in all its glory, absolute perfection. Bodily perfection was of course not of much interest to me. But the heart, pure, soft and with a slight level of mischief that is altogether seductive. Devotion at its peak, a path well-defined, albeit with pits and breaks, sincerity at its epitome, the Past is, in every sense of the word, perfect.

But the Past had to leave. The unforgiving Past had to run away with time. Run away for better opportunities and options worthy of consideration. The Past left no explanations or hope, cutting all cords abruptly. And yet, I cling to the fringed ropes in futility.

The Present, on the other hand, healed every wound. With charm and love, stitched all the ropes together… to itself. The Present is currently in desire. Perfect, an Adonis embodiment. To reach to the Present and clasp against myself is all I wish for. To hold my Adonis in my arms, to lock lips with my Adonis as my soul slips into the present. But there is a block, an annoyance of time and space. A cruel game played by fate- to entice me to Adonis, the one I can’t possess. The Present doesn’t comprehend my emotions, or it pretends extremely well. The Present wishes for me to speak, but how can I? Fear and indecision has taken over my present…

The future surely holds surprises. The Past or the Present, which one would it be?

Sold My Love, Mama

This is a beautiful piece by an old friend. True and tearful at the same time.


I sold my love to another man, mama. I sold my soul to innumerable men with promises as sweet as honey, and with mouths as soft as cotton. My heart is unsatisfied with unquenchable thirst, mama. I am desperate for belonging, and Lord knows I am lost. He held me close, then devoured me from the inside out. I bled and I bled invisibility as he devoured the heart of a heartless woman. He comes sometimes at nights – with all the others. He holds me close, then rips me into pieces. His voice is melody to my ears, and his touch is so unearthly – it kills me the moment it gives me life. I sold my soul again, mama.

His promises are saccharine, and his breath is husky upon my skin. His kisses are tender, and his hold is strong. Last night he traced his beautiful fingers all…

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An Expectant Father

Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa

For a country that is mostly conservative, elderly family members are sure able to suspend any and all manner of delicateness when it comes to the serious matter of issues, or as The Hindu matrimonial ads would have it, encumbrances. Short of bluntly saying “Put sattney, produce baby”, there are several unsubtle tricks employed. An example –  “The caterer for my grandson’s Ayush homam makes an utterly delightful sambaar. You should seriously consider him, I mean, after you produce a baby of course”. There was also a “haha” at the end of that.

So after five years of what felt like the Battle of Helm’s Deep, waves of orcs throwing themselves at the battlements of our “free wille and righte to make babies at a tyme of our choosinge”, the wife announced one day that we were successfully enrolled in the dastardly plan to make economy class airflight more uncomfortable…

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My 7 Rules Of Loaning Books

101 Books

Last week’s post about The Book Borrower, one of my bookish pet peeves, seemed to have hit a nerve with a lot of people.

So I thought I’d dig a little deeper. Playing off last week’s post, I created some rules to help you navigate the muddy waters of loaning books.

Is it okay to loan books? Of course it is. But if you want your book back, you’ll need some guidelines. Here are mine:

Establish a book-loaning circle of trust, then never loan outside of it.

Who are the most trustworthy people in your life? That’s your book-loaning circle of trust, right there. If you wouldn’t loan them money, if you don’t trust them to be on time for your wedding, if they talk about you behind your back, then they don’t belong in your book loaning circle of trust.

Also, the book loaning circle of trust is…

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Taboo: Cannibalism

Cannibalism. The act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. Disgusting. Gross. Taboo.

Image The self-eating snake: Ouroboros

Why is it taboo? Who marks it so? Should it be taboo? Should it be worth a punishment at all?

One can ask some deeply philosophical questions and push the topic to a whole new level.

I, on the other hand, present the following video from YouTube’s Vsauce.

Convinced? Perhaps not. I do not intend to promote cannibalism in any way. In fact, I wish to adopt the most convenient place in society- the one of the diplomatic observer who passively thinks about every single thing that occurs but doesn’t care enough to voice them out not for fear of judgment or punishment but just due to absolute laziness and lack of active interest.

One thing I do feel I should admit to: Rammstein. My favourite band and in my humble opinion, the best band to have ever been formed (and here is my absolute opinion. I do have an active interest for German industrial metal). Their song, ‘Mein Teil’, is an adaptation (or just a very disturbing interpretation) of the case of Armin Meiwes. Interesting video with a lot of missing links enough to influence a person to ponder. The video follows.

I know not how to react at this point. I would never claim that killing anyone for one’s own pleasure or hunger is a good thing. Nor in any way do I believe that this is what the Creator intended. But honestly, I do maintain the belief that you cannot kill what you did not create. Hence you can kill nothing at all, not the tiny ant nor the majestic elephant. You can’t kill the pesky mosquito who has the cheek to bite you on the soles of your feet. You can’t kill your own children as you aren’t the only person who created them (now if you discuss this with your spouse and feel that the Creator had, for some ignorant opinion of yours, no part in the creation of your child, then go ahead! Law enforcement will get to you. And if they fail, your guilty conscience will kill you). That said, if you do kill a hen for your meal, why stop from killing a human? It is for food after all!

Post scriptum: I am a proud vegetarian. I only eat myself and the bacteria that float in the air around me.

Celtic art

An accidental follow led me to a beautiful gallery of Celtic art that pulled me into a time warp to my childhood; a childhood in which I was encouraged to believe that dragons and fairy tale princes are both as true as anything else, unicorns run free and phoenixes and griffins rule the skies. A childhood in whose crevices an entire world of fantasy resides even today, only further extrapolated by the possibility to perhaps find one of the extraordinary creatures that call the same crevice home. Thank you, Karen Gillmore, for the perfect stimulus for this wonderful reminiscence.